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and felt like you needed sunglasses, it might have been from that giant rock twinkling from anchor Erika von Tiehl’s ring finger. That’s right, co anchor Ukee Washington couldn’t refrain from announcing the news of Von Tiehl’s engagement live, on air, for Eyewitness News viewers. She will wed her boyfriend of two years, Charles Kincaid, in the spring or summer of 2016. "I’ve been just staring at my left hand and almost bumping into people and buildings," von Tiehl ribbed with her co hosts yesterday. The pair met in March 2013 at a social event at
Cheap NFL jerseys Bru (1316 Chestnut St.). ‘Dream’ wedding for Philly power couple Former Miss Pennsylvania USA and 76ers dancer Amber Joi Watkins married sweetheart Tom Domalski at the Ritz Carlton (10 Avenue of the Arts) on Saturday. Watkins, a former Daily News Sexy Single and Ivy League grad, took time out from honeymooning in Bora Bora yesterday to dish me some delightful wedding details. "My wedding was the happiest day of my life. I enjoyed

modern way, where software is really a service. Let me say why: You cannot convert everything into a service. It always depends on whether something is strategic for a company. Why are companies buying assets and not leasing
Cheap NFL jerseys them all the time? The same thing happens with software. There will be areas where companies still believe they have to own the software and have it on site because only then are they entirely independent. But there are areas where it not that important and they say, should I own this? I can have it as a service, and I can switch it off. is important is that we have an architecture where companies can mix these two deployment options according to their strategic needs. It not either/or it both in the future. : So your view of the future is that the choice between on demand vs. He has never been liable for closing the books, for compliance, etc. We serve companies that run 95% 98% of their business on SAP. It an entirely different way of doing software that the point

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