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lakes of liquid methane and ethane on the hydrocarbon rich surface features that have been the focus of many Cassini Titan flybys, the 100th of which was celebrated in 2014. Of particular interest was one
Cheap jerseys from China of this year’s biggest mysteries: Titan’s bizarre "Magic Island" that appeared and then disappeared in Cassini’s flyby imagery. So what is Magic Island? The jury is still out, but we’re pretty sure it’s not a Titanian Loch Ness Monster. Titan’s ‘Magic Island’ Appeared Mysteriously From the DepthsIs it all just a universal storm in a cosmic teacup? Or did the South Pole based BICEP2
Cheap NFL jerseys telescope really detect the signature of gravitational waves in its observations of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation? As it turns out, from a frantic mix of public announcements, scientific scrutiny and inevitable puzzlement, the complex BICEP2 research bled into the mainstream media this year and suddenly everyone knew what a gravitational wave was. As we wait for joint

unemployment rate falls to 4 Job applicants this month asked State Farm employee Melissa Wills, at right, questions at a company job fair in Dallas. growth rate The state gained 457,900 seasonally adjusted jobs in 2014 the most ever in a year for Texas, according to data released today by the Texas Workforce Commission. That translates to a healthy annual job growth rate of 4 percent vs. 2.9 percent in 2013. Texas ended 2014 on a high note, adding 45,700 jobs in December, the most since May. December was the fifth straight month of record breaking annualized job growth. The state seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in December fell to 4.6 percent the lowest level since May 2008. That rate was down from 4.9 percent in November and 6 percent in December 2013. I bet my lunch money that Texas led the nation last year in the number of new jobs, but we won know for sure until the federal government releases state by state employment data on Jan. 27. "The state’s steady job growth is great news for Texas workers," Texas Workforce Commissioner representing labor Ronny Congleton said in a statement. Every major industry added jobs last year and seven of Texas 11 major industry groups saw an increase in jobs in December. Despite the recent layoffs announced by oil related companies in Texas, the industry led the state with an 11.5 percent annual growth rate, adding 33,900 jobs. The oil industry also added 4,900 jobs in December after losing 2,400 in November. Three other industry groups posted annual employment gains of more than 5 percent last year: The construction industry grew 7.7 percent (47,500 jobs); professional and business services firms was up 5.8 percent (85,800 jobs); and financial services firms grew 5.1 percent (34,800 jobs). Professional and business services firms tied with trade, transportation and utilities for adding the most number of jobs in 2014.

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