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voted 8 4 on Dec. 1 to deny Democrat Grayson access to the 28 pages. The same day, the committee unanimously approved requests to access classified committee documents not necessarily the 28 pages by 11 other House members. Grayson, an outspoken liberal and a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said his denial was engineered by outgoing Chairman Mike Rogers, R Mich. Rogers is a former FBI agent who did
Cheap nike jerseys not seek re election in November. "Congressman Rogers made serious misrepresentations to other committee members when he brought this up," Grayson in a telephone interview. "When the Guardian reported on the fact that there was universal domestic surveillance regarding every single phone call, including this one, I went to the floor of the House and gave a lengthy speech decrying it." "Chairman Rogers told the committee that I had discussed classified information on the floor. He left out the most important part that I was discussing what was reported in the newspaper,"

then let him win the tennis match." How absurd. I once did have a boyfriend who was very upset when I triumphed. The next time we played, I let him win by a close margin. I felt frustrated. It was no fun to focus on his ego instead of being the best I could be. That was the last time I was willing to play that game. Later on in life my girlfriend was upset with me because I had a higher score in bowling than her boyfriend. She said, "Couldn’t you let him win so that he could feel better?" My stomach sunk once
Cheap jerseys again. I was definitely getting the message that it was more important to be weaker than men, than to be myself. What a dilemma. How could I let myself be the strong, capable woman I was, and still be accepted as a female? I looked around my environment and saw many women playing the role of a female that they were taught from the time they could understand. Be weak. Be soft and emotional. Men like you to cry when you are scared or hurt. Then they feel strong and needed. Men love to take care

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